st henry, catholic, church, kentucky, erlanger, parish, schoolServing at God’s altar is an awesome privilege!  

It is a great honor and privilege to serve at the altar of God.  Your ministry recognizes that with this great privilege comes great responsibility. So, we serve our Lord with confidence, well prepared, well dressed, in prayer posture, with a quiet heart for prayer, and finally, humbled in the close proximity to which you will attend the Mass: Only the Priest and the Deacons are closer to the miracle that occurs at Mass.  As Altar Servers, your roles are (1) to assist Father and most importantly (2) to attend Mass and become holier for this time with our Lord.

Your reverent behavior during Holy Mass and the other celebrations in Church will show your respect for God and help other people to pray better.  And your prayerful service at God’s altar will help to make our ceremonies even more beautiful.  May it be a rewarding experience for you and bring you closer to God. 

- Rev. Gregory J. Bach & Rev. Eric Andriot

Altar Server Requirements
Altar servers must be practicing Catholics who attend Sunday Mass regularly and have received First Communion. Servers must be in the fourth grade or older. All servers must be trained by Fr. Bach or Fr. Eric prior to serving. Training typically takes place in September each year. Registration forms for both St. Henry Catholic Church and St. Barbara Church can be downloaded by clicking the appropriate parish below.  St. Henry Catholic School children can return the forms through school.  Public and home-schooled children should return registration forms through the CCD program. 

Altar Serving Guidelines
Fr. Bach updated the guidelines that all altar servers should follow while serving.  It can be accessed by clicking here: 2018 2019 Altar Server Guidelines. Please arrive in the Sacristy at least 15 minutes prior to the start of Mass.  Please make sure you sign in as well.

We are trying something new for this schedule.  Parents may go to the link below to sign their server(s) up for a Mass they are able to serve.  We are asking that each server serve at least one Mass per month.  Try a 7:30 am or 7 pm Mass on Sundays -- they are a great Masses to serve!

To sign up, click here:

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2018-2019 Altar Server Registration Form: 2018 2019 Server Registration



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