The First Sunday of Advent
Sunday, November 28, 2021

The First Sunday of Advent

Gospel Reading: Luke 21:25-28,34-36
Jesus teaches his disciples to be vigilant so that they will be ready when the Son of Man comes in glory.

Today is the first Sunday of Advent, which is also the first Sunday of the new liturgical year. The Advent season includes the four Sundays that precede Christmas. Advent is a time of preparation for the coming of the Lord. In this season, we recall two central elements of our faith: the final coming of the Lord in glory and the incarnation of the Lord in the birth of Jesus. The key themes of the Advent season are watchful waiting, preparation, and justice.

In this new liturgical year, the Gospel of Luke will be the primary Gospel proclaimed (Lectionary Cycle C). Today's Gospel is taken from the last chapter before the passion narrative in which Jesus is teaching in the Temple. We hear Jesus speak to his disciples about the need for vigilance and prayer as they wait for the coming of the Son of Man in glory. This passage marks the conclusion of a lengthy dialogue in which Jesus predicts the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, warns about the persecution and tribulations to follow, and identifies the signs that will signal the coming of the Son of Man in glory.


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This Week in Our Parish

Advent Weekday, Monday, November 29

8:00 AM Mass: Margaret Arens Wood

5:00-10:00 PM: Bingo

6:45-8:00 PM: CCD Classes

Advent Weekday, November 30

8:00 AM Mass: Jared B.

7:00 PM: CRHP 2.2/RCIA Room

Advent Weekday, December 1

7:30 AM: Rosary

8:00 AM Mass: All the Poor Souls in Purgatory
7:00 PM Mass: "God Brings Us Hope"

7:45-9:00 PM: Adoration and Confessions

Advent Weekday, December 2

8:00 AM Mass: Dennis Schofield

Advent Weekday, December 3

8:00 AM Mass: Jim & Monica McCullough

Advent Weekday, December 4

8:00 AM Mass: Bud Pieper

4:00 PM Mass: Barbara Muck Jones

Advent Resources

Advent devotional booklets are available at the entrances to church this weekend (due to shipping delays, they didn’t arrive last week.) Please take one of these booklets as a guide for prayer and reflection during the Advent season. Our school and CCD families will receive family Advent devotional booklets as well. Below are a few helpful online resources for Advent activities and daily devotions. For daily devotions, simply enter your email address where indicated on the website to receive these reflections in your inbox each day. Some are specific to Advent and some offer daily reflections throughout the year. 

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