24th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Sunday, September 12, 2021

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Mark 8:27-35: Peter declares that Jesus is the Christ, and Jesus teaches that those who would follow him must take up his or her cross.

Today’s reading is the turning point in Mark’s Gospel. In the presentation of the life and ministry of Jesus found in the Gospel of Mark, the deeds of Jesus have shown Jesus to be the Son of God. Yet many, including Jesus’ disciples, have not yet realized his identity. In today’s Gospel, Jesus asks the disciples for a field report by asking what others say about him. He then turns the question directly to the disciples and asks what they believe. Peter speaks for all of them when he announces that they believe Jesus to be the Christ.



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There are many opportunities to volunteer in our parish. If you have questions about any of the activities, call the parish office, 859-727-2035, or email the contact listed. Any volunteer that works with the children of our parish or school must be VIRTUS trained and up-to-date on their bulletins. Thank you for sharing your time and talent with our parish!

Monday, September 13
6:45-8:00 PM     CCD Classes lryan@sthenrynky.com

Tuesday, September 14
4:00-8:00 PM     Dine to Donate: Erlanger Chipotle

Wednesday, September 15
6:00 AM             That Man Is You! deaconmikelyman1@gmail.com

7:30 AM             Rosary for the Family/Church

Thursday, September 9
5:00-10:00 PM Bingo; volunteers needed! watermobihl@yahoo.com

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This Week in Our Parish

"Two saints, St. Benedict and St. Henry, unlikely crossed paths and it was nothing short of a miracle!"

~Rev. Gregory J. Bach


We invite you to join us at any Mass this weekend as we unveil our plan to come together to revitalize the parish and school community in an environment of prayer and work.


We will be selling t-shirts before and after all Masses to celebrate this grand effort; cost is $10/each.


We need help selling t-shirts at each Mass.  Commitment is 15 minutes before/after Mass. Please click here if you are able to help!

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